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MAX PERLES develops and produces technical coating systems
for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and steel works.


MAX PERLES is a family-owned company based in Hénonville, 30 miles North-West of Paris.
Founded in 1948, it specialized 10 years later in the development and production of technical coatings, mainly based on epoxy resins,
designed for the long-term waterproofing and protection of liquid and gas-containing structures.


So it’s 60 years of research, development and field experience that allow us to offer today a range of coatings
capable of responding to the needs of each of our customers’ sectors :

Drinking ( Potable ) Water Storage and Treatment Plants

Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

Desalination Plants

Oil & Gas Storage Facilities

Waterproofing and Protection of the Nuclear Energy Production cycle

Storage and Retention of Industrial Liquids and Gases

Storage of liquid, powder and solid Foodstuffs.


Our waterproofing and protection solutions are applied on both new and rehabilitation works,
on both concrete and steel.


Whether you are the infrastructure owner or operator, a consultant or designer, a civil engineering company or main contractor,
a specialized painting and coating contractor or an individual, you are sure to find at MAX PERLES
the long-term solution to your waterproofing and protection problem.



MAX PERLÈS coating systems are based on solventfree epoxy resins,
reinforced or not with fiberglass mat or fabric.

They offer the most advanced solutions available on the market today for long-lasting:
- Internal Waterproofing of concrete works
- Internal Anticorrosion protection of steel tanks, reservoirs , etc…

They are individually designed for the containment of all potential contents, however aggressive.

They contain no CMR-labelled substances and have very low VOC content.

They are covered by independent laboratory approvals.

They are covered by a third-party-insured, ten-year warrantee issued jointly by MAX PERLÈS
and the approved application company.

10,000,000 square metres have been protected over the last 60 years by MAX PERLÈS systems.

MAX PERLÈS is an ISO 9001 Version 2015
quality-certified company.


Research LaboratoryHealth & Environmentcarte.htmltechnical industrial lining - Packagingdrinking water tank - Meru (60)

Research Laboratory

Research & Development is a strategic activity
for Max Perlès in the perspective of continuous improvement of the
technical and environmental performances
of its coating systems.

The objective of the R & D activities is to develop
high value-added products and systems
that will allow our customers to win
in environmental reliability, sustainability and therefore profitability.

For Max Perlès, R & D is:

- Innovation through design and development
   of new value-added products:
   epoxy and polyurea coatings
   with specific, reinforced, conductive properties
   or antistatic for various applications

- An active technical-economic and regulatory watch,
   by identifying and analyzing new technologies,
   new materials, new markets in development
   to adapt the innovation and protection strategy
   of the business environment.

- An opening towards partnerships, public and private,
   by setting up collaborative development projects like
   FUI, ANR and European type

The Max Perlès laboratory is equipped with:

- Rheometer, for the study and the rheological behavior
   of the mixtures.

- Goniometer, for contact angle measurements
   and surface energy of materials, liquid / solid

- Electrometer, for electrical conductivity measurements
   or volume and surface resistivity,
   in the fields of electrostatic and antistatic dissipation

- PH meter, for acidity measurements

- Pendulum hardness / hardness pendulum PERSOZ

- Shore durometer ...

- Drying time recorder coating ...

- Dispersers / Mixers

- Ball mills, to improve the fineness
   and the quality of products

- drying ovens

- Muffle furnace for measuring ash levels

- Climate chamber for aging

- Airless type application machines,
   in weight and in volume

Research LaboratoryResearch LaboratoryResearch Laboratory

Health & Environment


The resins used in the composition of MAX PERLES coating systems are free from any CMR agent (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic). Their VOC (Volatile Organic Components) and Bisphenol A contents are negligible.
Most of them are solvent-free and therefore non-annoying, unlike some other resins. The health of the people who use them, maintain them or work with them does not suffer any form of aggression or damage.


The company MAX PERLES is structurally involved in the Protection of the Environment since the coatings it produces:
- Participate in the elimination of drinking water leaks ('Non Revenue Water') in drinking water storage and treatment facilities - AQUAPERL range
- Reduce pollution of soil, groundwater and water bodies by infiltration, ensuring the tightness of domestic wastewater treatment plants and industrial discharges as well as that of reservoirs and retention of hydrocarbons and products liquid chemicals - BIOPERL, TECHNOPERL, PETROPERL ranges, etc.
- Help reduce industrial gas emissions to the atmosphere / TECHNOPERL and GAZOPERL ranges
- Participate in securing thermal and nuclear power plants / ELECTROPERL range.

Health & EnvironmentHealth & EnvironmentHealth & Environment

Drinking Water reservoir – Méru, France

This drinking water tower reservoir is located in the town of Méru, France.
Dating back to the Seventies, it suffered from widespread deterioration
related to various environmental and structural problems.
The original tar-based coating had been leaking for a number of years
and the potability of the water was no longer guaranteed.

Our AQUAPERL coating,
covered by a European-type Certificate of Sanitary Compliance ("A.C.S.")
was chosen by the infrastructure owner to replace the original, failed coating.
The work was carried out by one of our specialized application contractors
during the Summer of 2016. The steps were as follows :

    * Removal of the existing coating by hydro-blasting.
    Obtention of the proper roughness and cleanliness of the concrete substrate.
    Disposal of the old coating material.

    * Application of our EDO PRIMER.

    * Rendering of the concrete surface and realization of angle fillets
    using our epoxy AR100 RENDER.

    * Application of our AQUAPERL S waterproofing system :
    a first layer of coating to impregnate the T45 450 g/sqm
    glassfabric reinforcement which is unrolled and de-bubbled
    and then a second layer of coating to saturate the glassfabric.

    * Sprinkling of SILICA SBO sand to guarantee
    the subsequent adherence of the topcoat.

    * Dielectric ("Holiday") testing.

    * Application of our AQUAPERL T topcoat.

    * Surface disinfection before watertightness test
    and commissioning.

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Drinking Water reservoir – Méru, FranceDrinking Water reservoir – Méru, FranceDrinking Water reservoir – Méru, France
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