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Health and Environment

Health & Environment


The resins used in the composition of MAX PERLES coating systems are free from any CMR agent (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reprotoxic). Their VOC (Volatile Organic Components) and Bisphenol A contents are negligible.
Most of them are solvent-free and therefore non-annoying, unlike some other resins. The health of the people who use them, maintain them or work with them does not suffer any form of aggression or damage.


The company MAX PERLES is structurally involved in the Protection of the Environment since the coatings it produces:
- Participate in the elimination of drinking water leaks ('Non Revenue Water') in drinking water storage and treatment facilities - AQUAPERL range
- Reduce pollution of soil, groundwater and water bodies by infiltration, ensuring the tightness of domestic wastewater treatment plants and industrial discharges as well as that of reservoirs and retention of hydrocarbons and products liquid chemicals - BIOPERL, TECHNOPERL, PETROPERL ranges, etc.
- Help reduce industrial gas emissions to the atmosphere / TECHNOPERL and GAZOPERL ranges
- Participate in securing thermal and nuclear power plants / ELECTROPERL range.

Health & EnvironmentHealth & EnvironmentHealth & Environment
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